Mr. Ibrahim Kamstrup Akkaoui
Vice President
Data Management Systems and Standards, Novo Nordisk, Denmark.

“Nurturing Innovative Technological Trends in Clinical Data Management/Pharmaceutical Industry”

Date: 19th November 2021

Time: 12:00 to 1:00PM (IST)

Ms. Alena Semkina
Deputy Director
(Chief Commercial Officer)

V.G.Khlopin Radium Institute of Rosatom Corporation,
Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“Biotechnologies in radiopharmaceuticals development by the example of recombinant alpha fetoprotein as a vector in targeted radionuclide therapy and diagnostics.”

Date: 19th November 2021


Dr. Sreerama Shetty
School of Medical Biological Sciences, University of Texas Health Science Center, Tyler, TX, USA.


Date: 20th November 2021
Dr. Jairo C. Quijano
Faculty of Basic Sciences, Colombian Polytechnic JIC, Medellin, Colombia.

“UV-C radiation for controlling gray mold disease in cut roses”

Date: 20th November 2021